Bobcat Siting

A guest last week was cooking dinner when she looked out the window and saw a bobcat walking down the road. In the 20 some odd years we have been here at Cave Hill, I have never seen one. A few years ago, working on the cabin interior, I glanced up to see a fox vixen with a cub on the driveway. She looked directly at me, then turned around and called another cub who trotted after his mother and brother.  Patty and I also remember one May evening, it was deep dusk.  We were out in front of the log barn, just after the rebuild was finished.  We heard a series of high”yips” and slowly turned to see two fox cubs wrestling on the ground not to far away. We stayed still and enjoyed the sight. Just as we turned and saw the vixen’s eyes from inside the barn- she must have given a command, so quietly we couldn’t hear – the cubs disappeared into the ground.  An unforgettable moment.