Amish Bird Seminar

I was reminded yesterday that the Amish Bird Seminar is coming up soon, on Saturday March 2.  This annual event attracts capacity crowds every year, about 350 birding enthusiasts.  It is held at the Wheat Ridge Amish Community Building, 3537 Wheat Ridge Road in the Amish Community, about 10 miles from Cave Hill.

Featured speakers this year include Connie Toop speaking about the birds of Midway Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, Kenn Kaufman speaking on bird migration, Kristina Polk a 17 year old speaking about Catbirds in her life, and Joe Duff, who flies an ultralight aircraft from Wisconsin to central Florida every year teaching Whooping Cranes their migration route.

More information and a registration form can be found by clicking here.  A very interesting event!